• Counselling: Beat Your Binge Eating Problem

    Binge eating describes a situation in which a person eats a vast quantity of food in a very short time. They will often eat so much that they will have to vomit. On the surface, binge eating may appear to be fuelled by greed for food and a lack of self-control. However, binge eating is a destructive behaviour which is powered by emotional issues. It has very little to do with the food itself.
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  • How Counselling Can Help You Adjust to Being a Father

    For many fathers, the transition to being a parent can be very challenging. Not only do they take on additional responsibility for a small, helpless and utterly reliant baby, but also they have to adjust to sharing the attentions of their partner with a new demanding family member. Here are some ways that counselling can help fathers adjust to this new stage. Discussing your own childhood Our model of how a family works is initially derived from the family that we grew up with.
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